Rhedeg Yn Wyrdd – Run Greener

Ras Copaon 1000m Cymru – Welsh 1000m Peaks Race

Ras Copaon 1000m Cymru/The Welsh 1000m Peaks Race is committed to raising awareness of what we can ALL do to reduce impacts on our local and global environment, especially whilst we enjoy our sport of running in the UK’s open spaces and beyond. This aligns with the WFRA’s Climate Change and Environmental Guidance.

Following a simple structure initiated by The Green Runners, the Welsh 1000m Peaks Race is working to address aspects of race planning and delivery, in line with The Green Runners’ Four Pillars of action below:

  1. How YOU Move
  2. How YOU Kit-up
  3. How YOU Eat
  4. How YOU Speak Out

In the words of The Green Runners,

We don’t need to be perfect, we just keep improving by putting the planet first when making decisions.

So, the Welsh 1000m Peaks Race is working towards doing so; together with YOU, the competitors of this iconic event...


The race has been thinking about each and every car journey we make and our resulting carbon emissions, and by continuing to offer a cost-inclusive coach transfer for runners, from Llanberis to race start, the race is aiming to minimise the amount of single journeys that competitors/their drivers might make to facilitate a linear route. Please factor the concept of reducing journeys when planning your travel.

The race has moved its ‘Race Event Base’ to Llanberis to reduce the need for additional vehicular transport from the bottom of Yr Wyddfa. We have also agreed a ‘North Race Registration’ location that may help to simplify/reduce car journeys for some competitors. For this particular race, and its connections to Public Transport, the best outcome is for as many competitors to CAR SHARE as much as possible. We shall aim to facilitate this via social media.

Links to local accommodation are provided via Race Day Info to promote the concept of ‘staying in the area’ and making the most of journeys made to the area. We shall keep working to agree any promotional discounts to race competitors going forward. Travel, run, stay awhile.

Links to public transport options are available via Race Day Info and, although limited, can provide some options for competitors travelling on days either side of the race (train/bus).


The race aims to re-use as much ‘inherited resource/kit’ as possible and not create new kit/resource unless specifically required. Race Bibs will be recycled so please hand these in at the summit finish or Race Event Base for recycling. In future, re-useable ‘number tags’ will be invested in, to avoid single-use Race Bibs/safety pins.

Thought is going into prizes, merchandise and suppliers the race works with, to reduce reliance on the production of new items/kit year on year – all ideas welcome from the running community!


The race will not use single-use plastic containers for any drinks/refreshments on offer during or after the race. Drinks will be decanted from large containers, to refill competitors’ bottles only. A similar approach will be taken with any food on offer, to reduce use of single packaged items. This requirement will be prioritised with suppliers at Padarn Hotel, who are happy to work along the same lines. Any suppliers of food used in any promotions will already offer recyclable packaging.

The simple food options on offer after the race will suit vegan and gluten free dietary requirements by default, and will have been ordered/provided in such a way as to avoid food waste.


By highlighting these actions to you, future competitors, the Welsh 1000m Peaks Race is hoping to keep building on current awareness and remind us all that we can always review our actions and decisions to help reduce our impacts on our local and global economy. Progress, not perfection!

If the race can use its network of competitors and suppliers to improve awareness of the issues that The Green Runners are also working hard to promote; that’s a start...