Welsh 1000m Peaks Race/Ras Copaon 1000m Cymru

Ras Copaon 1000m Cymru/Welsh 1000m Peaks Race

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This event takes place over some of the most rugged terrain in Britain. There are significant risks of injury or loss which can arise from:

1. Steep and rocky ground (including cliffs and ravines) where a slip or fall could result in serious injury or death.

2. Weather extremes (wind /precipitation or hot sun) leading to hypothermia or heat exhaustion

3. Crossings of major  roads

Whilst the race organisers take all reasonable measures to ensure your safety, you must only enter this race with a full knowledge and understanding of the risks involved.

Course markings

This is a navigational race so, for the most part, route selection is up to the competitor to decide.  However, some areas are out of bounds.  Certain sections of the course are waymarked for safety.  Please follow these.  

OOB and waymarking will be displayed on maps at Registration and are marked on the schematic route description maps.

Schematic route description maps and profiles

Maps identifying the route can be downloaded here.  Note that these are schematic only and not to be used for navigation. These have been updated with out of bounds information and waymarking.

Long Course (.pdf) updated

Short Course (.pdf) updated

If you have a Mapometer account, you can access these routes:

Long Course

Short Course

Gribin Ridge

All courses ascend the Gribin Ridge in the Ogwen Valley.  This section of the route requires a head for heights and use of hands for support; it is a short section of a grade 1 (easiest grade) scramble.  Part of this section is waymarked.

Maps and terrain details