Welsh 1000m Peaks Race/Ras Copaon 1000m Cymru

Ras Copaon 1000m Cymru/Welsh 1000m Peaks Race

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How we track you:

Competitors are identified by their race number. This is printed on waterproof paper and displayed on your electronic tag - both issued at registration. The paper number must be displayed on the competitor's front throughout the race.

The tag must be placed against the tag reader the start and at control points throughout the race. Tags will be collected at the finish or on retirement at roadside check points.  

Most controls are linked, via the Internet, to Race Control, to enable us to monitor your progress during the race. This provides accurate timing and improves safety.

One control uses pin punches.  You MUST show you have visited this control by punching your number in the space provided.


Competitors are encouraged to carry mobile phones.  In the event of accident or emergency, ring Race Control who will co-ordinate emergency/mountain rescue services. The phone number is printed on your race bib.

First Aid cover and emergency response are available at the event. Further information in Final Details.

Bad weather:

In the case of a severe weather forecast, we may cancel the race or change to a defined Bad Weather Route. Any route changes/cancellation will be posted on the website and Facebook and a phone message will be left on 01286 871595.

Details of bad weather routes are available here.  

The weather forecast can be found on :


Retirement procedures:

Competitors needing to retire must do so at Ogwen or Pen-y-Pass where their race bib and tag must be given to a race official.  

If circumstances force you to stop at a mountain top control, seek advice from a marshal.  

In all other circumstances you must contact Race Control at the earliest opportunity. The phone number is printed on your race bib. Failure to do so could result in false alarms and delays in help reaching competitors in genuine distress. The Welsh Fell Runners Association will issue sanctions on any runners who fail to report retirement to Race Organisers.