Welsh 1000m Peaks Race/Ras Copaon 1000m Cymru

Ras Copaon 1000m Cymru/Welsh 1000m Peaks Race

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Rules and conduct

  1. You must display your race number throughout the race and ensure your tag is scanned at each control.
  2. You must meet the age and experience requirements stipulated.
  3. If competing in a pair, you must stay together throughout the entire race.
  4. You must visit all required checkpoints and avoid Out of Bounds Areas.
  5. In case of retirement you must follow the stipulated procedure.
  6. You must wear or carry equipment/clothing required for the race/category you have entered.
  7. No dogs are allowed on the course - this is sheep country.
  8. Competitors doing the Challenge Race must wear or carry the additional equipment defined in the regulations.
  9. Competitors are encouraged to carry mobile phones.
  10. In the spirit of the race and the interest of fairness the use of GPS is not allowed. If you wish to carry GPS in case of emergency it should be in a sealed bag and declared at registration. Competitors seen using GPS will be disqualified.

Failure to adhere to these rules will typically lead to sanction by the WFRA.