Welsh 1000m Peaks Race/Ras Copaon 1000m Cymru

Ras Copaon 1000m Cymru/Welsh 1000m Peaks Race

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All competitors must carry or wear;

In addition to the above, Challenge Race competitors must also carry/wear:

The race finishes on the summit of Snowdon. Please note that the café is not always open.  You will need sufficient food and clothing to get down the mountain independently after you finish the race. You will not be able to travel down by train.

* A 1:40000 Harveys map will be provided to each competitor.  To see an example of the type of map we will be providing, check out http://www.harveymaps.co.uk/acatalog/Ultramaps-sample.html

To all competitors:  The organiser recommends competitors obtain the map in advance, although they will be available at registration.  The entry fee only covers the cost  of one map per competitor.

If you would like an map in advance, please send an A5 stamped, self addressed envelope, with your competitor entry number, to H Lloyd, 37 Stockleys Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 9RH, who will send you one by return.  Note these maps do NOT have the route marked on them.

If you would like more than one map, please include a cheque for £3:00 per map, made payable to H Lloyd.  This offer is available to non competitors also.to carry additional maps of their own, this is totally acceptable.